Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Scrap Room..Well Closet

I live with my parents, seeing as I am a 20 year old college student. I used to have everything in my closet in m room, which is pretty big but I was really hating having to look into a closet that was used for clothes and a whole bunch of other stuff. So I decided to move to the attic-by myself- which was the worst thing ever because I could never scrap-it was either too cold or too hot and there was never enough light.

So my dad finished remodeling our basement and they let me have the closet in the entertainment room. I thought I would add some pics of my little closet-which is just perfect for me.

So this first picture is of the closet- just looking in with the doors open. My dad hung up some pegboard for me and the blue storage is that organizer thing from I think HSN or QVC that I actually bought from Tuesday Morning for only $20!! The desk my dad made-it was my moms when she was a nail technician and since she doesn't do it anymore she let me have it.
Heres the pegboard:

If you click on the picture, you can see the details--I typed in what everything was.

These next pictures are of my drawers-

<-- There are four on each side. This one is actually on the right of my desk and in the first drawer is all my romance/love stuff like papers and embellishments. The second is holding a big DCWV stack of 8x8 paper and my paper cutter. The third is holding a whole bunch of albums and the last one(not shown) is holding empty adhesive holders.
--> This one is of my left side. Only two are shown-the first one is closed but its empty and the second is closed too but it only holds bags for trash. The third holds letter stamps, ink, heating gun and embossing powders-(the few that I have). And the last drawer I call my altering draw because it holds a bunch of stuff that I can alter for gifts or whatever.

To the right of my desk I have 3 shelves on the wall. The first has a blue paper holder that holds my 8.5 by 11 and my construction paper and some beads next to that. On the second shelf are some boxes of little drawers that hold all my little embellishments and then on the 3rd are some bigger albums and envelopes. On the floor I have bags and boxes for wrapping gifts.

This next picture is on the left side of the desk-its just a sterilite drawer with a whole bunch of tissue paper, ribbon and gift wrapping accessories

And then on the outside of the closet I have my 12x12 paper and a little shelf with my Cricut and all my adhesives.


Lori said...

Nice space Nicole.
I love your blog. You are very creative. Good luck in everything you do.


janet chin said...

hey nicole :D
i love your blog.
i also love those scrap book :D mind if i ask where you buy those stuff ? i been looking it for so long time.
hope you can reply me.

thank youu.